Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr. Crabby

As I was walking to my car yesterday evening I stumbled upon the most surprising of things... a live blue crab in the grass. I am in a total quandry as to how it got there as I do not live on the water... save maybe he got out of someone's crab pot.

I left the crab in my sink til I got back from my lab.(after quite a fight... he was a fierce) And I was going to steam him, but when I came back I could see that he was slowing down and dying. And I couldn't do it... at twelve o'clock after a bit of a struggle to get him into a bucket without getting pinched, I took him to the severn river and released him.

I feel at peace about my decision though, except that my conspiracy theory brain is somehow linking the presence of the crab in my yard to the destruction of the enviroment.