Friday, April 25, 2008

Just the smell of the summer can make me fall in love.

These past few days have been absolutely gorgeous! Summer is fast approaching... the sun is out and its warm. Daylight lasts longer and then there is dusk and summer nights which are my favorite!

Have had many a good conversation lately with friends about really living your life. While going to college and preparing for the future is not bad, people seem so consumed with it all. They graduate and have to work to make their payments and move to the next level. But we really believe that while you need to take care of those things you need to live in the now. Enjoy each day be in the present. So with this wonderful season approaching... i took the break between my classes the other day to go to a nearby little beach and walk all the way out on the dock and just be for an hour. It was wonderful! and the scenery uniquely maryland. And yesterday went to the park... to just BE. And it was great.... the hippie in me is awakening in the spring time months. Trying to be and just be in the present more and more these days. just wishing i could go to the beach for a week and do nothing but sit on the beach and live off shrimp and margaritas.

have also decided to wear as many sundresses and skirts as possible this summer... avoid wearing pants or shorts as much as humanly possible.

Monday, April 14, 2008

one foot in front of the next

"Like David, I wanna be a man after God’s own heart. And I’m not there yet, but I’m past the start." - Bradley Hathaway's Manly Man

I'm not there yet, but i'm past the start. I like it. Thank you Mr. Hathaway.