Sunday, December 30, 2007

1,2, 3, 4, tell me that you love me more!

dude i have put my two maps (one of the US one of the world) on my wall and they are awesome! Also found a $5.00 little red dress that in my size at marshalls. I love it! its very little french girl and it fits like a dream! And in just two days i will be in new york with the turrigiano's... could this week get any better!

oh and my traveller i.q. has just reached a new level! i made it to level 10... ranked number 3 within my friends! oh yeah.... i'm so pathetic!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

brain vomit

so i've just come to the realization that other people who write blogs, really put time into them. They spend time writing as if they were writing a paper of some sort. they edit, they think and it sounds amazing and put together. while i on the other hand do think about my blogs but i write them as they come pouring out of my brain onto the keyboard. no thinking of how it fits or if its grammatically correct. while i think both very important in paper writing. my blogs are in rawest form, my brain vomit so to speak.
yet i'm glad i've come to this conclusion because i was beginning to think everyone thinks so succinctly, and i on the other hand am just utterly a mess in my brain. feeling a little absent-minded professor-ish. But i like my blog as my brain vomit space as well as i like reading others well-thought out blogs, i'm just happy to know i'm not as crazy as i think.
not terribly interesting, but there it is my brain vomit.

"Casey I just feel like i'm broken"-M.

In light of recent events and seeing old friends, can i just say that life screws people up. And it happens pretty fast. Even in the most unusual place and most unexpected people. We are all just broken people. And I just look at my friends and people I've grown up knowing and see how broken they are becoming. It is breaking my heart. My soul is aching as I see them become crippled by life and its turns. And its tough. I know the answer, for Jesus came to heal the broken. And yet some of these broken people are followers of Jesus who are just continuing to be the ones causing and becoming broken. Some aren't and thats almost easier. Because you can show them a different way. We are called to help our brothers and sisters carry their burden, but what if they aren't wanting to find the answer. Getting well is hard. You have to be strong or surrounded by support... you have to dig into your pain and for some they've experienced so much its too hard.
Even yesterday in Old Navy trying on a Christmas sweater, I came upon a woman looking to see if she would fit/look good in this red velvet dress. I thought it was stunning but she didn't like it. She didn't like herself. She told me her husband had just died in a car accident. After 25 years of marriage and she didn't feel very colorful anymore. I told her I thought she looked amazing in red. But she continued trying on, liking nothing. Almost as if she could buy a little happiness or joy. But we had a good chat and I invited her to our church the next day. But it is just so sad to see such pain.
I guess I just feel like my eyes are being opened more and more to this brokenness I see around me. Its tough, I feel as if my spirit is restless and upset... squirming within my body. And maybe its due to a few hearings of very troubling news which included old friends.
And I know this is a very depressing and cynical blog.... but I'm not meaning it to be, for we have hope. And its radically inclusive. Jesus is the answer, anyone can have relationship with him. I guess its just sad when you see so many people who are broken.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Casey and the big apple

i love new york city. i love new york city. i love new york city. i love new york city. i love new york city. i love new york city. i love new york city.

ANd i love city boys!

why oh why am i in suburbia?