Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ponderings of me

So I've been really thinking about a few things lately. Trying to figure out what is really the best possible way to live... Is it better to work only part time for the rest of my life to develop relationships and really work on being in community and being alive and working in the community?
I think it is always better to be generous... this has been such an amazing blessing when others have been to me it has made me really think that i want to be as generous as my means allow. Maybe i will have to live more simply. ANd in light that i will now acquire my second free car ( a mind blowing blessing from God!!!!) I don't think i could ever trade in or sell an old car... i feel that i should always find someone in need and give it away(if/when i buy a car)

And i'm kind of annoyed with Christians that have seemed to have lost the ability to relate to people... like they don't know how to be friends!!! please God, never let me lose sight of people as people and lose my ability to just be a good friend.

In other news my sunflower has started to bloom!!! And Katie Maggie and I have found everyone's inner HArry Potter character.... I'm Tonks... yes its true i'm in love with a werewolf.