Wednesday, May 28, 2008

three right in a row!

WOw God is good... so much to be thankful for today! A free car possibly(my second one... God really has my back!!!!), a free bike (thanks to Bryan!) A lovely long walk to Gary's Grill. Rita's gelati with Ashleigh. Sunshine! Julie being an awesome friend. My dad being absolutely ridiculous with boys my age, and then smiling at me the whole night telling me it was just because he was just thinking about me thats all. haha.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A magical evening.

I just had the most magical experience tonight. As I was sitting outside Caribou Coffee with Dan I notice this dumpster. I love dumpster diving so I run over to it, but realize its not a good dumpster just full of coffee and cardboard. Dan mentions that there are tons of dumpsters behind the shopping center so i say lets go... we found tons of awesome cigar boxes which we will use in some form of art. We left a huge sign outside the gamestop dumpster which we drew with sharpies the recycle sign and the mother theresa quote "there are no great things only small things done with great love"(because they did not recycle all those cardboard boxes)

So we ended up sneaking into the Atlanta Bread company dumpster where we found our jackpot! A whole trash bag full of loaves of untouched bread in many assortments!!! Such a waste but such a beautiful thing to find. So we took it to my house where we made coffee, toast and eggs in a nest,(with our new found treasure) to celebrate. Now i have a billion loaves of bread downstairs to decide who to give them to tomorrow... Wow this was an exciting night.

Monday, May 26, 2008

La La Lovely Day

Today was a lovely memorial day! I slept til 1130 which i felt my body really needed and awoke to a gorgeous sunny day. Spent a few hours out weeding and planting in the garden. Then went out to paint in my backyard. Had a barbeque with the family this evening started reading again. It was lovely!

And bryan says he may have found a bike for me!!! Its a fixer upper but I'm soo excited, yay for bike riding... ahh its been soo long. And tomorrow Julie and i will begin our running ... eek i'm a little apprehensive, but excited to run with her! Keeping doing new things... its suppose to keep you young right... although i think i'm a bit ahead of the game as i'm only twenty...haha. so essentially i'll be fifteen soon. oh no, i think my plan is backfiring!

Still loving being light blonde. Decidely have an addiction to boys in bands with dark hair, white tees, suit vests, and fitted jeans (how are there so many?) And still saddened by friends who seem not qutie ready to give up their addictions...:(